You say you love me. I can hear it. I hear your words so clearly that I can’t take them anymore.
You don’t love me…
You never actually did, did you? It was all a big fucking lie.
I gave you all I had. Everything. I waited for you years after years. I cried for you in my sleep. I missed you every single day. I felt so fucking lonely in the night.
You were mine and you kinda weren’t. One minute you were here – next to me, and then you were fucking gone.
I hated it. Every single minute of it.
I hated the way you used to play with my hands, the way you used to say you loved me, or the way you used to smile when you kissed me. I hated it all. So fucking much.
You played with me like a toy. I was yours … in every single way you could think of… gave you the things you couldn’t even dare to ask for…
And then you did it. I could remember you warning me. You told me you would leave me… I know that… But you said that you would come back…
You fucking promised me. You promised that you would come back. You promised to protect me. You said it. I can still hear it in my head…
You fucking said it…
And I don’t want to hear another word from you… ever again.


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