Craving You

Maybe I am mad for wanting you.
Maybe it is crazy just to think of you.
Maybe I am sad without your touch,
but that shouldn’t stop you.

Maybe you were right to run away.
Maybe I was wrong to want you to stay.
Maybe all the bruises were a sign,
but I didn’t want to see it.

Maybe all that pain was meant to be.
Maybe you were just supposed to hurt me.
Maybe my body needed to be punished,
but you shouldn’t feel guilt.

Maybe you are good beneath the bad.
Maybe you don’t want to see me sad.
Maybe it was all a twisted game,
but we were both supposed to lose.

Maybe I should stop craving you.
Maybe I should see that it is true.
Maybe you were just too cruel,
but I can’t stop forgiving you…

Daily Prompt – Craving


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