A game of chess

It was just like a game…
A game of chess we used to play.
I was the queen, and you were the king.
The only problem sadly was
that you were black and I was white…

First came the pawns.
I was ready for them,
I could fight them…
It was easy.

Then came the knights…
They were tricky.
They were cruel.
And yet I defeated them.

It was time for the bishops…
I did not want them.
I never thought they’d come…
And yet I survived them…

You never let the rooks.
You knew they would crush me.
So you kept them with you.
Kept them to keep me away.

It was all a game of chess.
I was the queen and I was losing.
I wanted to win so that I could reach you…
but after you saw the scars and the bruises
you were so afraid that you’d hurt me… again

My hands hurt… I couldn’t move the pieces…
So I lost the game… And I just hate losing… losing you…


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