“I’ll cheer for you both, love.”

How do you know that your love is real? True? Sincere? How do you know if that love is the love of your life? And what do you do if the love of your life is not in love with you?

I know. You break. You lose everything. You become empty.

That is how you know it is real. When you see Him happy and you feel… happy for Him.
I mean at first you are terrified, lost, consumed with sadness and you feel like the world has ended and now everything is against you. There is no one to protect you.

And then you see it. His smile, His laughter, His glittering eyes. And you know. You know that this was it. He is no longer yours. He doesn’t need you to be happy. And you… accept it.

Love means to put His feelings ahead of yours. And I love Him. I put every desire he had ahead of my needs so I can do that, too. I can put His happyness ahead of mine. But I always just want to tell him that,

“No one will love you like I do. But I do hope that you are happy. I’ll cheer for you both, love. With all my heart.”


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