A Sacrifice for Love

When you lose someone, someone you love, you feel so empty and lost. Or at least I do.

I will never forget the moment He left me. He was so cold on the outside but I could see it – deep in His eyes He was hurting because He couldn’t stand the sight of my bleeding heart. I will never forget it. He was breaking every single piece of my already broken soul and that… that hurt Him. And now I am still thinking – how much would His “poor” heart suffer if He knew how much I sacrificed for Him.

I gave Him everything. I put His goals and dreams ahead of mine. I made Him my priority although I knew I wasn’t His. I did whatever I could to make Him happy. And He was. I made Him the happiest man and He knew that. Or at least I thought so.

People say that love is a sacrifice but aren’t both sides supposed to sacrifice something ?
Well he didn’t. And I on the other hand…

I sacrificed my soul… and I would do it again !

Sacrifice – Daily Prompt


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