Not His Fault

I blame Him. I really do. I need to believe that it is His fault…
but it is really ?

After all he hurt me… again and again… He is to blame for that.. right?
He was never actually mean to me, never used me against my will. I singed up for this. I signed up for Him to hurt me. So do I actually have the right to blame Him?

It helps. Convincing myself that I am some kind of a victim He hurt helps. And in the same time it leaves me stuck in the same place. I have to move on… I have to realize that He is not to blame.

It is not His fault that He doesn’t love me…
and knowing that hurts even more…


3 thoughts on “Not His Fault

  1. It is so hard to let go and be happy… it makes you wonder if being happy is really what we want. Sometimes its like, we feel unjustified ?

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