The Last Shadow of Hope

I can still feel your touch. It’s like you are there and in the same time you are gone…

You left.
      You left me alone.
         It is me against the world now.

I know what I should do. I know. I always do. And yet I choose to ignore it…
I have to let go, but I can’t…
I am still scared to be alone although I know I can survive without you…
but I don’t want to…

I can live without you. I can be fine without you. But would it be my life without you?

And there it is – that hope. I can feel it sneaking with the shadows of my soul. It is like a little flower with such deep roots… I feel it growing in my soul, consuming me. There is nothing I can  do to stop it… right ?

And yet I hope. I hope that you would come back and I will never stop hoping…

Prompt – Hope


5 thoughts on “The Last Shadow of Hope

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  2. Keep pushing child and good things will come. If you have the chance, then please check out my Blog at Gastradamus and give your feedback, because it would be greatly appreciated and admired. Our latest story is called, “The Bald and the Brestless”, comment if you have the chance please, your words mean a lot to us a Gastradamus.

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