Fear. I am afraid. I loved Him. He didn’t. I will always love Him. He never will and that.. that scares me.

I was His. I gave Him everything and was there when He needed me, but where was He when I needed Him ?

He broke me. And now I am trying to fix myself. But how can I do that when I can’t even let go… I see the pieces and think ‘How can you break something that is already broken ?’ … Then I see Him and give Him all I have left, hoping that he would put the pieces back together…

And He does… or at least for a moment.

I love Him. It is that simple. But why do I love a person who leaves me with nothing but scars…

I love the scars. I love them because He made them. He cut my heart open and made it bleed and every time I think of my scars I think of Him.

It’s like self-harm, I guess. You know you should stop but just can’t force yourself to put down the knife…

And I… I love to cut even deeper every time so that I have a better scar when he leaves…

Prompt – Scars


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