People always wonder why others seem happier than them. Why are they always smiling for God’s sake? It’s weird and annoying and makes you jealous, doesn’t it?

Today I am not jealous, I don’t care about the other people’s happiness. Why? Because I think I am happy. I believe in my happiness and letting it consume me, I will go out.

I’m going to see him. He is home alone. That will make us both happy. We will talk and talk and talk for hours. I have so many things to do but it doesn’t matter. Nothing matters. Only He does. I care about him and that isn’t such a bad thing. Or at least I think so… We will see…

People assume that the others are happier, that their lives are better. But maybe only maybe that smiling girl in the subway is crying alone every night, that cheerful guy in the park is dealing with a drinking father, the woman in the cafe has lost her son, but is still smiling because today is his birthday. Maybe people aren’t happy. Maybe they are just as sad as you, but choose to hide it. Just like you. So next time you get jealous at some guy laughing next to you in the shop, remember we are all sad in our souls. Happiness is a temporary illusions. Sadness on the other hand is the illusion you just cannot get rid of.


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