To the one I love…

You never actually realized how much I cried for you, did you? You never actually saw all the pain you cost me. You never believed in my love.. but when you finally understood how much I cared for you, you got scared and run away…

I loved you. I love you. I will love you. And that scared you so you did the thing you always do – you ran. You left me. You hurt me again.

So tonight I’m still crying. Tonight I’m still missing you. Tonight I still love you. But guess what? Maybe not tonight, tomorrow or even in a year, but someday you will feel  my pain, you will miss me, you will see that you love me.

You are the one I love. You are the one I trust. You are my everything right now but you still are afraid that I might get too close. But, darling, I am already too close.


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