Dreams and Goals

Have you have had one of those days when you feel like you cannot do anything? You feel like a worthless piece of crap and there’s nothing you can do about it. Well THERE IS! You want to do something – do your best. You think you SUCK at sports? Train and prove everybody wrong. You think you SUCK at school? Well you should fucking study and do your best. I don’t say that we can all be athletes or scientists or whatever but we can at least not suck at everything. And the way of finding what you are good at is by doing your fucking best at everything until you find the one thing you are better than the others. Dreams are the thing that would keep you going and dreams do not come true unless you work for them and turn them into FUCKING GOALS! You think you SUCK? Well, I’ll tell you something – we all suck, we all are worthless and the only way to change that is to find the thing that would make our existence meaningful.
So, yeah, today I think I suck. I think I can’t do anything. So I will study in order to get into that university I’m dreaming about and become a fucking surgeon. And that, my friends, is my goal. You should find yours, too.


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