About Love

Yeah, I know. I’m so young. What the hell do I know about LOVE? Well, guess what – I know a thing or two. I actually believe that a person can TRULY understand love if he/she is young. When we get older we become wiser, we have responsibilities and so on, and we tend to ignore love in a way even if we won’t admit it. So, yeah, I’m a teenager and I claim that I know something about love.
I was reading some posts on instagram and found so many pictures and quotes about how you have to forget the one you loved, the same one that hurt you. I mean ARE YOU FUCKING KIDDING ME? You claim to have loved that person and actually to still love him/her. How are you supposed to let go of your love? If you are able to forget the one you once cared for, belive me, you DID NOT love him/her. I can assure you.
So yeah, I’m a teenager and I’m telling you – if your love is real, you’ll never let go of it. I know that. Belive me, I tried to forget him. I did. But I know. If you love, you love forever.
So listen to the crazy young stupid girl – love will fucking ruin your life. But it wouldn’t be life if you haven’t loved truly at least once.


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